Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FROM PRINT to TV.......

Things have been moving rapidly here in Lawrenceville, and it's slowed just long enough for me to celebrate some good news. My hard work at The Trentonian (and to a certain extent, INSIDE Magaziine) has caught the attention of a major news network, and, after weeks of negotiations and counter-negotiations, the meticulous vettting of my resume and even a brief trip to Australia, I'm prepared to announce that I will be joining Fox News as a Senior Editor and Commentator.

To those of you who think you know my political bent, let me assure you that I will be as fair and balanced in my reporting and commentary as one could ever hope for at Fox News, which, of course, means, hopefully a fresh new voice at the network. Diversity is very important there.

At first I will join the team at Fox and Friends, adding to the roster of Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselback and Brian Kilmeade and helping them with daily corrections, news facts and current events such as ethnic stereotypes, gay/LGBT culture and celebrities reported dead that are very much alive. I will soon after move around the broadcast day's schedule at the network, joining Gretchen Carlson in her time slot, then Tucker Carlson on Red Eye and any of the other Carlsons working at Fox News (turns out there's a LOT of them!).

I've been told by none other than Chairman Rupert Murdoch himself (well, through Roger Ailes, the News Director, but he said Mr. Murdoch was talking into his earpiece at the time) that I will eventually make my first contributor appearance on The O'Reilly Factor, but I will need to exercise patience until the network can ascertain if Mr.O'Reilly has concluded his raw meat diet. I don't have the complete details on that yet, but I know that interns aren't even allowed near Mr. O'Reilly before mealtime. I'm certainly no intern, but I can wait. I have a lot to live for.

I will also become a part of Sean Hannity's universe as well, and will initially be tasked with guest appearances of "total agreement" (the network's term), so I have to brush up on the birth history storylines of the current President as well as the pending Democratic presidential candidates for 2016, as well as learn how to polish Mr. Hannity's  hair. I'm a team player, believe me.

So wish me luck; I'm as excited as I've ever been, believe me. The commute to New York every morning at 4AM will take some getting used to, but hey, that's show biz. I mean, the news biz. I mean, Fox News.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Well I finally have something in common with our Commander in Chief, The Big Kahuna, The Prez, Mr. POTUS himself.

We've picked the same NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket. And we're tied. Precisely.  We're in the 72.9% percentile of  winning brackets, which is tantamount to 37th places losers.  Our rank? 3,131,506.

I feel so proud.  Hail to the Chief.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


We're not even more than a few hours into the NCAA Men's Tournament, and already a couple of huge upsets, with UAB eliminating heavily favored Iowa State, 60-59, and Georgia State  winning by a single point as well, bumping off 3rd seed Baylor, 57-56.  Even Notre Dame barely escaped with a wine against Northeaster, 69-65.Yeah, my bracket is likely ruined (I had  Baylor going to the Elite 8, so there ya go), but that's why this is the best sports tournament on earth.  Upset City can happen at any moment.  Wow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


You know what this is. It's the universally recognizable symbol for college basketball insanity. It's the symbol for dogged research by late-comer college basketball afficionados (like me) to fill out countless numbers of brackets on countless websites, office pools and other friendly gambling venues to see whose powers of prediction reign supreme.

Well I'm in the mood to win this year and I've officially lost track of how many brackets I've filled out so far. But here's my ESPN entry:

How does yours compare?

The Madness is here!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


And I thought the day would never arrive.

Today, the 3rd Thursday of November, is traditionally "Beaujolais Nouveau  Day", when the fresh pressed juice of the Gamay grape is rushed into bottles and shipped from Beaujolais around the world to celebrate this year's harvest and to portend the quality of the traditionally aged and bottled Beaujolais yet to come.

I will report back here as soon as I've secured a few bottlings to sample. I'll be roasting  a turkey tonight for dinner, and making some of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes to go alongside, to test this year's Nouveau's legs in advance of next week's big food orgy. So check back here later today and tonight.

And now that the dust has settled after the evening meal, let me tell you about this year's Nouveau. First of all, buy it. It's going to be a good year for Beaujolais. Lots of strawberry and blueberry in the nose, and some of that green vineyard aroma that makes you think of a walk in the vineyard. I personally love that about Nouveau, that you taste the entire cycle of the wine from earth to vine to grape to drink. So few wines ever give you that gift, unless you get to visit a winery and taste a new wine from the siphon.

But the drink is what is so  worth it this year: blackberries, wild blackberries right up front in that first sip, wild Oregon blackberries like the ones I found alongside the highways outside of Portland, big blasts of juice. Then nice, round jammy grapes, nicely sweet with a little tang. The wine bounced nicely off my herb-roasted turkey,  nicely counterpointing the sage and marjoram pepper, salt and oregano that I rubbed all over the turkey. Married well with the oniony, celery stuffing I made as well.  A nice finishing dryness to this year's Nouveau, too, cutting nicely through the buttery mashed potatoes and gravy.

Sipping a glass now, after dinner, this year's  wine has enough to pair with a nibble of  cheese, maybe a medium to sharp cheddar, nothing complicated.. But you will definitely be able to enjoy this wine on its own, long after you've basked in the compliments for pouring it at Thanksgiving. It's that good.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


You've gotta give new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver credit. The man has balls. And he knows what makes the NBA world go 'round.

In a league that is 80% African American, and with a team in a city that is heavily populated with Hispanics, what Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling thinks in private and says in private is still his business, but once it becomes public, no matter HOW it becomes public, you can't turn back. You can't put the genie back in the bottle, the toothpaste back in the tube, whatever analogy you wanna use. 

The league was on the brink of a league-wide player boycott, the exit of substantial sponsorship dollars, and national/international ridicule. And Adam Silver, the OTHER 29 owners, and the 450+ players, were not about to suffer through that. 

Money talks, and exposed racism walks. And Adam Silver knows that. And now, so does Donald Sterling.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It has probably been years since I'd actually opened and tasted a Budweiser. But last night, I broke down and bought a six pack of those uniquely shaped cans and popped one open. Beautiful yellow pour, bright white head.  Gentle subtle aroma of, well, it was absolutely 100% Budweiser aroma. I could almost smell the beechwood and rice (yes, they use rice).  Big bright light crisp first sip, playful bubbles (they tickled my nose!), with a lingering Budweiser finish.

Something in Annheuser-Busch beers has always given me a headache. I've been told by brewer friends that there is something they put in the beer to make the head white that often doesn't agree with some people. Well, I am one of them, and I waited for the headache as I sipped each sip, sip after sip, until my glass was empty.  The head ache will come soon enough, I guess.

But I have seen the light.  I have been missing this experience for most of my life and now I feel free. I have grown SO tired of craft beer, so tired of the bourbon barrel aging, so tired of the hop varietals, so tired of the brettomyces, so tired of the wild yeasts running free. So tired of the collaborations, the blends, the bombers, the brewpubs, the tickets for Pliny the Elder and his son/nephew, Pliny the Younger, so weary of the wait for Pliny the Great Grandfather and Pliny The Grandmama.  I mean, what ever happened to simple , plain yellow beer with a bubbly white head (that tickles your nose!)?

This is my beer now.The voice of George Clooney in all those Bud commercials has finally broken through and spoken to me. And I have heard. And I have acted on what I have heard. And I have drunk the bright yellow beer and it was good. I can endure the headaches.

I'm a Bud man now.